About Us

Talk to a vendor advocate before you sell your home.

Are you thinking of selling your home or investment property?

Not sure of its value, which agent to use or how the property should be sold?

How would you like a trusted expert with years of experience in the Real Estate industry to look after your interests when it comes to choosing an agent at no extra cost to you? 

Matt Jackson Vendor Advocates was established to look after the interests of home sellers by guiding them through the sale process from the time of interviewing an agent until the property is sold.

Too often home sellers are not fully aware of who the best agents in their area are, which method of sale is best for their property & circumstances, how much they can reasonably expect to pay for marketing to maximize exposure, and the appropriate commission payable to ensure the agent is going to achieve the highest possible price.

With several years of experience in the real estate industry, we can impart our knowledge so that you don’t make the same mistakes that many sellers do.

Our role is to appoint the right real estate agent and advise you on all aspects of your sale including marketing, method of sale and commission to be paid.  Our service doesn’t cease once we have appointed the agent.  We also follow through with your sale campaign to monitor the agent’s performance, provide advice where necessary and assist in negotiating the final sale price.

Best of all, our service will not cost you an extra cent to sell your home!

Our service is ideal for those that:

  • Have little or no time to research who the best agents in their area are
  • Have tried selling in the past with no success
  • Are selling a property in an unfamiliar area
  • Are Executors or Power of Attorneys selling estates
  • Simply do not like dealing with Real Estate Agents
  • Want an honest & straight forward process without the jargon.
  • Want the sale of their home done RIGHT!

For further information or for a Free No Obligation Consultation about our service, please call us on 1300 322 952.