What areas do you cover?

We cover all Melbourne metropolitan areas and most regional areas.

Why does it not cost any extra to use your service?

The commission is shared between Matt Jackson Vendor Advocates and the appointed selling agent.  It is quite common for two Real Estate agents to work together or for a referral fee to be paid from one agent to another. This won’t mean that you pay a higher commission.   Matt Jackson Vendor Advocates will negotiate the best possible commission for the best agent to undertake your sale. Sales commissions vary from area to area. We will ensure you pay the right commission for the agent that we believe will achieve the highest possible price for your property.  After all saving a few hundred dollars on commission could cost you thousands of dollars off your sale price.

Do all agents work with Matt Jackson Vendor Advocates? 

Most scrupulous agents that would prefer to win their business on merit rather than simply telling a home owner what they want to hear are more than happy to work with a vendor advocate.  This includes some of the more well-known agents and agencies in Victoria.  What we do know is that those that aren’t willing to participate with our transparent process, aren’t likely to receive our recommendations either

Do you recommend Auction or Private Sale?

Matt Jackson Vendor Advocates does not have a preference for either method.  What we have found is that what works in one suburb does not necessarily work in another.  Some are more Auction orientated and some are more Private Sale based.  What we do is look at all the relevant data in your area along with the agent’s proposals and put forward our recommendations.