What We Do

We'll help you choose the standout agent

Our vendor advocacy service is designed to ensure that home sellers are given the correct information from real estate agents regarding their property’s value, marketing and commission to be paid.  Unlike some advocates that act for buyers and sellers, we solely act for vendors (home sellers).

Listed below is our 6 step process to ensure that you’re receiving the right advice and maximizing the sale price of your home or investment.  And remember using our service will not cost you an extra cent to sell your property.  So sit back, relax and let us do the work for you.

Initial Consultation

Once you have been in contact with our office, one of our experienced advocates will take the time to meet with you to discuss your needs and how we may be able to assist. This consultation is free and there is absolutely no obligation to use our service

Interviewing the best agents

Once you have decided to use our service, our first task is to interview who we believe are the best agents in your area to sell your property.  We will ask the agents to provide a report which will include their opinion of value, justify this value with compelling reasons, a proposed marketing plan with costs and their rate of commission.

Arrange an Independent Valuation

To accurately asses the current value of your property in the market place at any given time, it is important to have an independent valuation conducted by a Licensed Valuer.  This sworn valuation will allow us to compare against the agents opinions.

Appointing An Agent

Once we have received the agents’ reports and sworn valuation, we will review all aspects of their proposals including comparing their opinion of value against the independent valuation and the sort of marketing/advertising proposed.  Once reviewed, we will once again meet with you to discuss the proposals and sworn valuations and put forward our recommendations.

The Sale Campaign

Before your property is advertised, the appointed real estate agent will forward to you and us a copy of all marketing material to be proofed.  This includes photos, ad copy etc.  Once you are happy with these proofs your property can then be advertised.  Once the campaign is underway, the agent is to keep not only you informed but they are also to keep us informed during the whole campaign. This is especially important after any open for inspection or appointments conducted at your property so that we can accurately gauge feedback.

Negotiating the final sale price

If your property is being sold via a private sale campaign, we will ensure all offers that the agent receives are negotiated for the highest possible price and that the best possible terms of these contracts are in your best interests.  Too often agents are only too happy to make you take a long settlement on an offer simply because the buyer has promised the agent their house to sell if they can convince the seller to a longer settlement.  Because we handle the final negotiation, these issues have no bearing on our ability to ensure your rights are met.

Alternatively, if your property is being sold at auction, we will attend on the day of the auction to ensure that you are not being bullied to lower your price.
Best of all, should the appointed agent not meet their obligations under which they were chosen we have the power to simply change agents. This means you can avoid waiting out a lengthy period of time.

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